Bricks stairs with terraced garden

Park Hill Lane

4000 Square foot new home in Montecito, surrounded by natural vegetation and a panoramic view of the Pacific.

About Park Hill Lane

“Over the past 35 years, we built seven homes in six states, and Brian was the best builder of all. He had great relationships with a cadre of high-quality subcontractors, knew local building practices and processes well, and was experienced in a variety of building projects. Above and beyond those expected qualities, though, were four other ones that distinguished Brian:

1. He took a holistic view of the job. Rather than compartmentalize to ‘just’ the home, he also focused on important aspects such as siting, pool & cabana, driveway & hardscaping, and neighbor relationships.

2. When a change was needed or desired, he figured out the best way to make it happen without undue angst or charges.

3. We felt as positive about Brian in the final stages of construction and even now a year later as we did the day we selected him.

4. Our million + dollar project not only met our quality objectives but also was completed on time and on budget.”

– Patti Prairie, 2014