A Very Special Review 

Patio with hot tub
Casa della Riviera's Theraputic Jacuzzi, Patio, Firepit, and Logia & Upper Balconies

Brian, Tom & Chris,

I have been thinking of y’all recently, and wish to once again express our gratitude to each of you for your faithfully given and received prayers, and love and support following “the fire”…and for the extraordinary design, building and sale of our newly built Santa Barbara home.

Rebuilding on the same lot and foundation following the November 13, 2008 Tea Fire would never have happened as quickly and painlessly as it did without the awesome talent of the architect (Tom Smith) and the builder (Brian Lynch). They helped us spec the finest materials and equipment for the project, and they provided the finest workmanship any owner could ever want and expect. 

The project was completed in 1 year and 50 weeks. It was under budget and 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Tom and Brian worked together to address every issue that came up as a team that was accountable to each other, the Crawford Clan, and our Lord and Savior. What more can be said, except to say we will be eternally grateful for your faithful keeping of your word to us that after losing our home and all of our possessions, we would not suffer any further surprises and cost.

After we moved in on October 30, 2010 Tom and Brian worked together to create and complete every item on the final “punch list”. We incurred no surprises or costs. 

The Crawford Clan decided in January of 2013 to move home to Dallas, Texas after 33 years of living in Sunset Beach, CA; Lake Minnetonka, MN; Laguna Niguel, CA…and 25 years in 4 locations in Santa Barbara County. 

Following a thorough vetting of the Realtor referrals we received from our friends and neighbors we decided to hire Chris Palme to represent and manage the sale of our new house. Please click here to see how Chris’ marketing plan was reviewed by the industry specialists: http://content.uniquehomes.com/2013/02/napa-consultants-intl-marketing-through-photography/

We could not have made a better choice. Chris handled every aspect of the listing, showing, sales and closing process without a hitch. He made a very special effort to create and execute on a marketing plan that took into consideration all of our needs and wishes. He went above and beyond to educate and excite other realtors about the opportunity to show our property to qualified buyers, and to secure a few offers, including the winning offer, within 60 days of the listing.

Please contact Brian, Tom, and Chris before making your final decisions regarding designing, building, and/or marketing your existing or new property. I promise you…you won’t be disappointed you did.

Very Respectfully,

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